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Energy Work

What is Energy Work?
  Much like Reiki this energetic modality can prove to be highly effective in assisting your well-being. As you rest comfortably on the massage table fully clothed, the practitioner may place a light touch on either shoulder,  under the heels or under the head. This therapy may be preformed without touch as well. While Reiki is effective in healing many facets of the body, this style of energy work goes deeper to the causes of pain, trauma and soul wounding. It is specifically used to heal soul wounds and to find the original source of those wounds.  Healing the origin of the wound frees you from these issues and prevents these patterns from being transferred through your ancestral line. Passing a soul wound to a future generation creates patterns of personality,  of behaviors and of illnesses which effect your descendants for many generations to come.
What is the soul anyway? How can it be wounded?
In simple terms, your soul is defined as the essence of who you are. It is made up of every experience you have ever had. It is where the energy of every memory and emotion you have experienced is stored.  It contains all the filters in which our personal experience and view of the world has a strong influence on the internal messages formed in our minds and communicate to others. These filters can be mental and psychological, as well as cultural. A soul can be ‘wounded’ when traumatic events happen, an incident that causes emotional, spiritual, physical and or psychological harm. This event causes a person to feel threatened anxious or frightened. Trauma directly impacts the way in which we relate to the others and the world by creating a magnet effect in our soul. We attract those experiences and people to our lives which exacerbate holding patterns preventing us from healing and even multiplying the negative effect.
  Some indications of soul wounding may be identified by these questions:
  • Are you repeating patterns in which your family members seem to have experienced generationally?
  • Does your life seem to be chaotic no matter what you try to do?
  • Are you plagued by chronic failure?
  • Are you angry and bitter?
  •  Do you hold grudges that have been unresolved?
  • Are your relationships problematic or fraught with difficulties?
  • Do you stay sick all the time?
  • Do you have chronic pain that refuses to respond to treatment or worse yet, seem to have no apparent cause?

These are just some of the signs and symptoms of soul wounds.

Healing your soul wounds can jump start your overall healing journey, freeing you from the past hurt and traumas. Medical treatments may become more effective. You may notice that everything just seems to be better, easier, less stressful. Free yourself of these wounds and challenges with this loving and healing modality.