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How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis allows you to quickly and easily clean out the unnecessary negative messages that may have been stored in your subconscious. The most effective method of accessing this part of your mind is with the aid of hypnosis. It allows you to renew yourself with the most natural healing process available to you, giving you a feeling of relaxation, comfort, clarity, euphoria, wholeness, and control of your life again.

The very root of all the negative things you think and say about yourself is stored within your subconscious mind. Each incident throughout the days of our lives affects us. We are bombarded every second with hundreds of message units, some pleasant, some not so pleasant, and some downright destructive. The subconscious must process and analyze every bit of this information, every message.  Most is done automatically and without our conscious awareness. However, just because we may not be consciously aware of this process, doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting how we think, feel or react.

Unfortunately, past experiences, guilt feelings, and repudiated impulses and desires are constantly pushing themselves into awareness, directly or in disguised forms. These thoughts become feelings and behaviors which sabotage our happiness, health, and efficiency. By the time we have reached adult hood, there has been a buildup of “negative” modes of thinking, feeling, and acting which persist as bad habits.

Hypnosis allows you to replace the negative, unhealthy, and stressful thoughts, with healing positive ones. As a result, you feel renewed, refreshed and relaxed.

Doubts About Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is such a misunderstood phenomenon. For centuries, it has been affiliated with spiritualism, witchcraft and various other “unexplained” events based on “B” movies, cheap novels, and exaggerated claims made by unqualified persons. Who can be hypnotized? Anyone with an open mind, the ability to concentrate, and the willingness to go into hypnosis can be hypnotized.

What if I can’t be hypnotized? Most people feel doubt or think this very same way. They fear giving up control. During hypnosis the very opposite is actually true. You are exercising a more powerful form of thought- control than at any other time. The only thought to prevent you from going into hypnosis is “I can’t be hypnotized” convincing yourself it isn’t possible.

However, using hypnosis, we are able to transform negative attitudes into more positive ones. Even when no apparent changes happen on the surface, much has transpired on the inside to create positive changes in your life.