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Life Between Lives Regression

The Life Between Lives (LBL)® Regression is for those clients that have previously experienced a Past Life Regression session and now desire a more profound experience that connects them with their higher self or soul-mind through a deeply hypnotic process. This session is truly a journey to the Spirit World where we all reside between our incarnations on earth, designed to reconnect you with your soul self, guides and an understanding of your immortal identity. It is an incredible experience that involves much healing and insight into your life. During your LBL you may connect with your Soul Group that you incarnate with on a regular basis, your Council of Elders that love you and oversee your plans to grow throughout incarnations, the Hall of Records where all your lives are recorded, and the Life Selection Room where you chose your family, friends, and even the body that you now inhabit. From the super-conscious state, your past and present lives on earth will be seen as alter egos of your immortal self. You will be looking at the BIG PICTURE from this perspective. And in this state of heightened perception and understanding, you are able to easily find your own answers.

  • Discover themes that are driving your current life
  • Know if you are on track with your life plan
  • Find a deeper understanding of your personal relationships
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Connect with your true self
  • Know that you are eternal
  • Understand more about your life’s journey, the choices you have made and the challenges you have met
  • Gain answers to your specific questions

“Each of us is so much more than the physical aspect we can see. We are a combination of the energies, experiences and learning of countless previous lives; each life a set of contrasting experiences that embody the variety of lessons our inner, eternal self seeks to learn in its quest for development and perfection. That core, eternal self, always searching for growth and new levels of understanding, is our soul self…” The Newton Institute.